I Have Seen You…

I have seen you angry.

I am familiar with the way your body tightens, and the feel of your coiled skin under my hands.

I have seen the massacre of your lips as they release the army of daggers that you hide inside yourself.

I have felt the sting of them as they bore through me.

I’ve felt them rip me apart, tear me to shreds and expose me.

Self-protection, they say, a last line of defense against the enemy.

But I’ve seen the tell-tale sign of blood in your mouth.

They cut you too, but in your anger you forget.

Yes, I have witnessed your destruction…and I have survived.

Living in the aftermath of your anger I often forget that I, too, have seen you radiant.

Glowing like the sun and the moon.

I have felt your laughter warming the insides of the dark spaces within me.

Your light flowing in and breathing life into those dark barren places that have never known joy….or love.

I have curled myself into your arms and I have felt safe and wanted.

On your radiant days, together, we create planets, worlds… entire civilizations!

We are invincible gods, you & I.

I have seen you frightened, wary, and a myriad of other expressions. I have seen them all, and I have loved each and every one.

But..today for the very first time I saw your sadness.

I have grown used to your red days…they do not frighten me anymore.

But, I do not know what to do with your sadness.

…and I fear that I do not wish to know.

~Ink me In







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