My Eyes Adored You

Time passes by so quickly that I wonder how many things are forgotten? How many people, memories, joys and sorrows are lost in a single moment? Where do they go? Is there, perhaps, some void out there in space where all the ghosts go to rest? A forgotten graveyard that we can not see.

I woke up today with the cool caress of the morning breeze flowing through the window, and realized I have not thought about you in awhile. The funny thing is I can’t even remember the last time I actively thought about you.

Your birthday passed me by many months ago, and quite honestly, I didn’t even notice.

All these little things about you that I thought I would keep forever have just…faded.

I can’t remember what your voice sounds like, or the way you laugh. The memories that I once kept so close to me have all but disappeared, leaving only traces, ashes really, of what they used to be.

I remember the way I felt when I was with you and the joy you brought me. I remember the way my eyes would seek you out and how much I loved you.

But today I realized for the first time, that it no longer hurts to think about you.

I can listen to our songs without fear that it will cause a deluge of tears.

I can see your name, hear you mentioned, see your picture without the acute pain that your absence caused in my life.

I love you. I will probably always love you in some way. But now, I think I can finally love again.